Secret Women’s Business


7:30 am - 9:30 am

@Sprout 184


“Dear optimist, pessimist, and realist — while you guys were busy arguing about the glass of wine, I drank it! Sincerely, the opportunist!” Lori Greiner.

Secret Women’s Business is your chance to network with and learn from a dozen other local female business owners & professionals so that you walk away prepared to grasp the glass of opportunity.

Over an informal (healthy) breakfast*, each participant will share her personal experiences as a working woman. This might be about breaking gender ceilings, overcoming unique obstacles, juggling responsibilities and taking advantage of new opportunities.

Suitable for existing business owners, freelancers or startups.

We will be joined by mindfulness expert Sabina Vitacca from Meditate Now to give some practical advice on focus and mindfulness and how meditation can benefit you professionally and privately in your daily busy-ness.

We will wrap up our meet guided by yoga expert Kelly Said who will show you 10 easy poses you can do at your desk to improve your well being. This will surely send you on your way with flexibility in the body…as well as on your mind!

*Breakfast will be provided by Real Food Catering – a local family business serving nutritious tasty food made from local fresh in season ingredients! Vegan & gluten free options available*

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